Philosophy and Aims

Our motto is ‘Grow Slow, Grow Strong’. We believe that children need time for play, unstructured play outdoors in the natural environment; time for hands-on real-life activities modelled by teachers, parents, artisans from the local community; time for creative thinking and collaboration.

Our schools will be run by teachers and parents, inspired by Montessori, Steiner, Forest Learning and Nature Play philosophies, and governed by members of the local and school community.

Our schools will be small, with multi-aged groups and a high teacher-student ratio, plus parental and community involvement, creating the atmosphere of an extended family within a family home.

Our schools will provide children daily with stimulating, and at times challenging, hands-on, real-life learning experiences and opportunity to pursue what interests them.

Our philosophy and aims will become more defined over time as we grow slow and grow strong.